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Neuro Linguistic Programming – The Zing NLP Practitioner Certification Training Course - A program in Mumbai and workshops across India

Zing NLP Certification Training Workshop - Seminar 1

Neuro Lingusitic Programming or NLP is also referred to as the science of excellence and focuses on communication and self-improvement. It brings together a vast set of tools and techniques which bring about fast and intensely positive changes in the self, family, relationships and businesses. These are taught right from the practitioner certification course of learning. Our NLP training courses and certification programs in Mumbai and across India, offer a life transforming experience of the power and magic of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The Zing NLP training certification workshops are designed to enable participants to fully understand and practice these skills from the courses in their professional and work situations, as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement.

Zing Corporate Consulting is one of the first few organisations to pioneer NLP seminars, workshops, training programs and practitioner certification courses in Mumbai and across India. The NLP training certification levels offered start at Practitioner and move on to advanced programs of training in Master Practitioner, followed by the Trainer's certification. We offer a holistic approach in learning, and not only incorporate the work of the co-creators John Grinder and Richard Bandler, but also greats like Robert Dilts, Wyatt Woodsmall, Rex Sykes, Tad James, Judith DeLozier, Steve Andreas and others. We also incorporate ancient Huna knowledge and practices incorporated with all the modern learnings from innovations including Generative, New Code, Meta States, Design Human Engineering (DHE)™, Neuro Hypno Patterning (NHP)™.

Zing NLP Certification Training Workshop - Seminar 2

Zing offers courses like regular NLP training certification workshops and week-end certification programs on NLP in Mumbai and courses across India.

To know more about NLP courses, workshops and program content (in Mumbai or for a program in any city in India), call on +91 916 709 2999 or send a mail/sms with your mobile number to get the training details. In case you don’t receive a reply soon, call again or mail again or send another sms. There are limited seats!

Enrol for the program now, send us a mail mentioning your FULL NAME, MOBILE NUMBER, OFFICE NUMBER, RESIDENCE NUMBER to now, and we shall guide you through the next steps.

The details of upcoming NLP Practitioner Certification Training programs, workshops, seminars and courses in Mumbai and other cities in India are available in the “Upcoming Events“ section.

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